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9/2 7pm Dominaria United Sealed Deck Prerelease

9/2 7pm Dominaria United Sealed Deck Prerelease

Cannot be sold internationally. Available Friday, September 02 2022
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    Kryptonite Kollectibles Dominaria United Prerelease Events
    September 2nd (7pm) 3rd (1pm) 4th (1pm)
    $30 Entry- 4 rounds of play
    Each player will choose a prerelease pack containing:
    6 Dominaria United Draft Boosters
    1 promo-stamped mythic or rare from the set
    1 spindown die
    All players get 2 Set booster packs for playing, everyone gets promo cards, and Gift Card prizes go out to those that win 3 matches or more!
    4-0 $50
    3-0-1 $25
    3-1 $10
    There is a strict limit of 36 players per event.
    All players must have a Wizards Account - Visit


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